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When you turn your landscaping over to Florida Commercial Care, you get unmatched quality and service, from the design process, all the way through to the installation and maintenance of your project.


Depend on property landscaping and property maintenance services to help draw in customers.

 -  You have the right to expect honesty and courtesy at all times.

 -  You have the right to express your wishes and needs.

 -  You have the right to expect a beautiful landscape, and be satisfied.

 -  You have the right to talk to the president of the company, and receive a no hassle warranty.

 -  You have the right to quality crews, installation, and a clean job site at the end of each day.

 -  You have the right to hear "Thank You!"

Our family serving your family.

Professional landscaping services.

As our customer, you can rest assured you are getting only the best.





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fast response time

Florida Commercial Care offers a comprehensive solution to design, installation, and maintenance for your commercial property’s exterior.

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