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At Florida Commercial Care, we have the answers to your most commonly asked questions. As a developer or property manager of large commercial projects you know that the small things can keep you awake at night. For example, landscaping usually accounts for 2 to 4 percent of your overall project budget – yet it may cause 10 percent of your headaches. When you turn your landscaping over to Florida Commercial Care, you get unmatched quality and service, from design through installation and maintenance.


We are one of the most highly regarded companies in the area, with a reputation for doing outstanding work for over a decade. We offer the best materials and service at a competitive price and, of course, everything is completely covered by our satisfaction guarantee.


Communication is the key to our success. We proactively manage the project, anticipating schedules so you don’t have to call us.


We anticipate potential problems and look for ways to minimize change orders. Our courteous and efficient work force provides quality performance. We adhere to the industry’s highest professional standards and work every day to exceed them.

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We've been in business for 27 years!


We offer a quick turnaround rate, and we'll return your call within the same day.

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